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Grand Opening: 4.28.00

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Nothing But Rose! NBR has been in production since January, with me experimenting with servers such as Geocities and Angelfire. Both are great servers, but I finally decided on Tripod.

You may remember me, David, as webmaster of The Ultimate Little House Site (AKA Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Website). But since then, I have closed down ULHS and have focused more on the content of my website.

Besides my dedication to Rose, I have also learned the most advanced HTML to make my website look enjoyable and fun. I encourage you to participate in writing reviews or helping me with trivia questions.

As the world turns into an even more advanced way of living, it is important to remember the days of Rose's day when lives were simple. But no matter how advanced or how busy or lives get, the way children think and worry are still the same as Rose's time.
Your Webmaster,