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"Settling In

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Welcome to "settling In" the first story in a whole new series. This series hopes to be sucessful in its first number, and if it is, expect more issues! The Monticalvos are a fictional family who live in Southern California. The five major characters are Harrison, Jen, Midnight, Odie, and Sheila.


After being surprised by the uproar of birthday shouts, David is being relaxed as he chats with his sister...

"Monica, the convention was really good. They showed how to actually communicate with the audience... which is somewhat a plus because in order to be a good anchor, the audience must love you. That's why Dennis Richmond has been around so long! He was just promoted to head anchor!" David chatted animatedly.

Monica, a seventh grade teacher, also David's oldest sister, replied: "I agree. But talking in front of audiences can be stressful. But thank God, I've been at it for almost thirty years!"

"Has it been that long?!" David asked in amazement. "Oh, hold on, Monica, I need to help Ange with the taco shells..." David got up from the lawn chair, and Monica waved a finger telling David that she would get the taco shells with Angela, David's cousin.

As David sipped some of favorite juice, V8 Splash, he noticed a hazel eye through the peep hole between the fence. But David waved it off, thinking it was Dominque, the neighbor's daughter whom was from Kenya. He joined his sixteen year old daughter, Laura who was adjusting the radio and turned it to 95.1.

"Yesss!! It's the new Britney Spears song!" Laura exclaimed. Britney Spears was like singing legend, Cher who was older than the hills, but still making music that teens loved. Just then, his wife's cousin, Jenny came up and started dancing with Laura's twin brother, Harrison. Harrison laughed and twirled Jenny and she went flying to Odie's arms. The whole party was laughing. David shook his head and smiled. Life was great.

Angela Garcia grabbed one of Julie's pot holders and grabbed the tray of warm and crispy taco shells. She cursed as one fell and almost created a tiny fire. She hated how the new ritzy homes in the Castro Valley hills had electric stoves instead of the gas like the ones in Oakland or San Leandro, even in Hayward.

Monica smiled and said: "I know how you feel! Clint and I have problems with our stove all the time!" Just then, Adam cried from his room upstairs.

"I'll get him," Angela volunteered.

After two hours, the whole house burned to the shambles and in the house, were Angela and Adam. Two lives lost at the cost of one person's hate for the family. Andreanna Champ then moved on to setting the whole neighborhood into flames and then the Monticalvos knew what they must do...

Old Character List
David Julie Harry Laura
Sheila Odie Midnight Monica
Jenny Angela Andreanna Baby Adam

'Living' Character List
Harrison Jen Odie Midnight
Sheila Tom (new) Kelly (new) Elizabeth (new)

.: Settling In :.


I cannot believe I am leaving Laura. Laura, my twin sister whom I've known for like what, all our sixteen years. My parents think its safe that we [Midnight, Jenny, Odie, Midnight, Sheila, and I] should live in Florida. I mean, hello! Why should our lives be ruined for some bitch who thinks she can kill my cousin AND my brother? Well, maybe my parents do have a point. If we stay here, we will end up like them. Such a terrible, dramatic day! God, well I have to get ready for the funeral. This is going to be so sad. I've known Angela my whole life.

Jenny Delaney sighed uncomfortably as she packed her last suitcase and hefted them to her '99 Grand Am Pontiac. The white car usually brightened up her day, but it wasn't cutting it today. The last time she went a funeral was when her sister Sarah died when she was seven.

Jenny's heart ached.

After the funeral, Odie and Sheila, Midnight and Harrison, and her had rents a large moving van and will be on the road to their destination, Green Oaks, Florida which is in the northern part of the state. Jenny had calculated on her computer, 51 hours. More or less 50.59 hours but might as well as round the digits. Florida would be the safe Haven for the six of them until they were sure Andreanna Champ was either

.: Disclaimer :.

This is a fictional story, totally about a ficional family. It is written solely by me and no other website should be linked to this,, except Nothing But Rose, or any site I ask to post the URL to. =) I hope you have enjoyed the first issue of 'Living', 'Settling In'.