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Laura Ingalls Wilder 1867 - 1957

Laura Wilder was born February 7, 1867. Her life would span ninety years; she'd live through a seven-year drought, a seven month winter; she'd write nine of the most classic pioneer books for children; and she would also be a devoted wife and mother to her husband, Almanzo and Rose.

Laura grew up listening to her Pa's vivid stories of the New Frontier. Her Pa's longing to be free allowed her to see most of the West: Big Woods of Wisconsin, the Indian Territory of Kansas, Walnut Grove, MN, and to the prairies of Dakota Territory, the last move Laura made as a child.

After being hurt by the loss of a child, and having been struck with diptheria, the Wilders move to Spring Valley, MN for a spell to Almanzo's family. Then, after consideration, Laura's cousin, Peter offers them to live down in Westville, FL. But soon Laura finds Westville very dreary, and carries a small pistol with her wherever she goes. (To read an excerpt of Rose's short story, 'Innocence')

After a bad experience in Westville, the Wilders decide to come back to DeSmet.