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Thank You to the following :

Jill -- Thank you for letting me use top frame bar! And if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been introduced to the world of site-making!
Lissa -- I thank you for having your site which is all about HTML for kids. You have saved me so much research for looking for codes, it's too much to explain!
Samantha -- You are a good friend who always makes me laugh! I hope you can make your site number one under the Christina Aguilera category!
Amanda -- You have been the oldest friend I have made over the Web! I wish you all the luck on your Buffy site!
Phil and Rebecca -- Frontier Girl has helped me with its page on Rose! Thank you a lot.
And a very special thanks to the countless people who have visited NBR and those old friends who visited ULHS when I was just beginning in site building!